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    • Sept 2016

    Female urologic disorders can include incontinence and bladder control problems, pelvic pain and prolapse. These problems are common in women and have a variety of causes and treatment options available.

    An in-office consultation with Dr. Labasky in Sandy includes obtaining a clear understanding of your symptoms; a complete review of your medical and surgical history and any records you might bring with you; a physical exam; and a thorough discussion of options for care. This complete consultation will provide answers to your questions and get you started with an appropriate treatment, or arrange any other testing that might be needed.

    A second opinion from Dr. Labasky includes a comprehensive review of medical records and your medical history, and may include a directed examination to confirm the findings of your other physicians. He will then discuss his impression of your status, discuss your treatment options, and answer your questions. A second opinion can validate your treatment decision or present other options of care.

    To schedule, call Dr. Labasky's Sandy office at 801-501-5300.

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